Some people sometimes connect several loudspeakers to a single output of an audio amplifier. However, this practice can lead to damage of the amplifier. Let’s assume that the speakers are connected in parallel. In that case the impedance seen by the amplifier output is only a fraction of the impedance of every single speaker. Let’s assume for example that you are connecting to speakers each having an impedance of 4 ohms. In this case, the impedance that the amplifier sees is actually half that impedance which is 2 ohms. However, not all amplifiers are able to sustain 2 ohms for an extended amount of time. Over time there may be some thermal damage which can in the end irreparably damage the amplifier.

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Instead, I would consider the following arrangement. Use for speakers and connect to speakers in series each and …

  • How to Properly Connect Wireless Audio Transmitters

    Wireless products have become more widespread lately. In particular audio transmitters have evolved which are promising to eliminate long and ugly speaker wires. However, not all audio transmitters are suitable for every purpose. In particular, you will have to consider what interface the transmitter will have in order to connect your audio device.

    Let’s talk about home theater systems. One of the main drawbacks of theater systems are speaker wires which can easily clutter room. Transmitters have been designed in order to minimize the number of wires running across the room. However, the transmitter will have to be connected to a receiver. Most models of AV receivers do not offer line-level audio outputs for rear speakers. Therefore, the transmitter will have to be able to connect directly to a speaker-level audio output.

    Commonly sold Bluetooth audio transmitters do not connect …

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  • Learn How to Optimize the Performance of Wireless Speakers

    It is not too difficult to improve the sound quality of speakers which you purchased after listening to them at a local retail store. If the sound was good in the store but the speakers don’t sound as well at home then I have some things you can do to improve the sound.

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    You can obviously purchase regular and wireless loudspeakers online. Wireless speakers can be found at while regular speakers are sold by sites such as Walmart. You can usually get a good deal on speakers when you purchase online. However, I would nonetheless recommend that you visit your local retailer to purchase speakers. And don’t just go to your dealer to test them and then end up purchasing them online. That really wouldn’t be fair to your dealer.

    A reputable dealer will not only allow you …

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  • How to Select Suitable Audio Cables

    Audio cables are crucial element of every home theater set up. They also important for almost every other type of audio component you can think of. The fact is that most people have a modular approach when installing their sound system. That means there isn’t any single component which includes every required feature. However, if you have multiple audio components, they have to be interconnected. There different ways to do this because many types of audio components support different ways of establishing connections. Let me look at some of the most common standards and also offer some recommendations for choosing appropriate audio cables.

    The most common standard in the consumer audio field is the line-level audio norm. In fact, only the physical shape of the cable connector is standardized. Everything else differs depending on the manufacturer. Even the audio level …

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  • Loudspeakers Explained

    Buying some loudspeakers seems pretty straightforward. In fact, all you would need to do is visit a dealer and buy a pair and go install them at home. However, if you want to purchase the right type of speakers which not only fit your budget but also our perfect for your application, there are certain things to watch out for. Some of these things are not as obvious as you might think. Therefore, keep on reading the next few paragraphs. I’m going to explain some of the issues relating to loudspeakers and also give you a basic understanding on the inner workings of them.

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    A typical loudspeaker is actually fairly simple to construct. All you need to build one is a box into which you cut some openings. You also need some screws to be able to attach the speaker. …

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