Loudspeakers Explained

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Buying some loudspeakers seems pretty straightforward. In fact, all you would need to do is visit a dealer and buy a pair and go install them at home. However, if you want to purchase the right type of speakers which not only fit your budget but also our perfect for your application, there are certain things to watch out for. Some of these things are not as obvious as you might think. Therefore, keep on reading the next few paragraphs. I’m going to explain some of the issues relating to loudspeakers and also give you a basic understanding on the inner workings of them.

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A typical loudspeaker is actually fairly simple to construct. All you need to build one is a box into which you cut some openings. You also need some screws to be able to attach the speaker. You can purchase the speaker in any electronic store. For simple speaker design, you can just buy a woofer without having to worry about high-frequency response unless you are picky about sound. The woofer is made up of a diaphragm which is suspended in a magnetic field which is generated by a magnet. You will notice that they are some contacts at the rim of the woofer. These contacts should be connected to some speaker wire. If you building a speaker from scratch, you will need to get a jack which it attaches to the outside of the box. This jack connects to the speaker wire contacts of the woofer by using a short speaker wire. Then you will be able to hook up the speaker which you have built to your amplifier via speaker cable just as you would any regular loudspeaker box that you buy at a retailer.

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Now once you will power up the speaker you probably will notice that the sound quality is not quite optimal. Most notably you will notice that the low-frequency response is missing and at the same time the high frequencies are lacking as well. After that experience you might be able to understand that there’s more to building a good loudspeaker than meets the eye. Therefore, you don’t want to rush purchasing a speaker but instead consider some of the factors which influence on quality. The loudspeaker enclosure itself is usually carefully designed by the manufacturer. In particular the volume of the box and also the size of each opening is carefully calculated or tested. There different designs of loudspeakers such as the Bass reflex box. This basic design uses an airport which usually integrates a short piece of pipe. The length and diameter of the pipe determine the low-frequency response of the speaker. This design at the same time avoids large peaks in the speaker’s frequency response at mid frequencies. The response is actually flattened by constructing the speaker properly and stretched out towards the lower cutoff frequency.

Also, watch out the speaker has a tweeter. Many Bluetooth speakers nowadays only have a signal transducer and are lacking high-frequency response. At the minimum, you will need a speaker that has a woofer and tweeter. Ideally, you should opt for a three-way speaker box.

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