How to Properly Connect Wireless Audio Transmitters

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Wireless products have become more widespread lately. In particular audio transmitters have evolved which are promising to eliminate long and ugly speaker wires. However, not all audio transmitters are suitable for every purpose. In particular, you will have to consider what interface the transmitter will have in order to connect your audio device.

Let’s talk about home theater systems. One of the main drawbacks of theater systems are speaker wires which can easily clutter room. Transmitters have been designed in order to minimize the number of wires running across the room. However, the transmitter will have to be connected to a receiver. Most models of AV receivers do not offer line-level audio outputs for rear speakers. Therefore, the transmitter will have to be able to connect directly to a speaker-level audio output.

Commonly sold Bluetooth audio transmitters do not connect directly to the speaker level audio output. However, wireless speaker kits which were designed for rear speakers will seamlessly attached to an AV receiver. There are also some models of wireless transmitters which are dedicated to specific brands of AV receivers. Some models of receivers do have slots that allow for transmitter to be inserted.

However, personally I prefer using a transmitter which is universal. That means that the transmitter would connect to almost any type of audio device without being tied to the brand. Bluetooth transmitters are quite popular because they can stream directly to any brand of Bluetooth speakers. However, the range of Bluetooth is rather low. Typically, you will not be able to achieve more than 100 feet in terms of why range.

Dedicated transmitters which are designed for outdoor speakers typically have a range of more than 200 feet. You can also use a wireless network in order to stream audio. However, you will need some sort of adapter which will convert the audio and data stream that can be sent via the network. Also, the speakers which interface the signal will have to understand particular format that is being used. For that reason, Bluetooth has become so popular. It is well standardized and as such signal is understood by many wireless speakers.

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